The chapter, “Movie Star” from pages 170-178 is eye-opening I think about Lolita Lola’s situation. We already knew that Lolita was exchanging sex for money, much like Joey. However, unlike Joey, who seems to exercise some control of his situation by leaving when he wants and stealing when he wants, Lolita has lost her control and is reliant on the General and her other lovers. Joey and Lolita both seem to want to escape their reality in the Philippines by leaving the country entirely, and these dreams rely on the help of their lovers. On page 171, the narrator says that Lolita “is convinced the General will help her fix her papers and pay for her passage out of Manila to a foreign country, some place, where she can start all over again” (171). Like Joey, Lolita entertains the idea of escaping her life in Manila and starting a new life elsewhere, but as we see later in the chapter, the General is determined to keep her in Manila. Her fame and close relationship to high-status members of society has actually entrapped her and made it impossible for her to improve her situation. In contrast, Joey has more freedom and liberty to do as he pleases. Although it is unclear if he will ever be able to escape Manila, he still has a chance. It is interesting because Joey is struggling to survive, and yet he has more control over his own life than Lolita, a women with fame and wealth.

Connection Between Joey and Lolita Luna
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