Hello everyone! I hope that you all got the much needed rest before the rush of our last two weeks. I have just a short thing to share with you all. Last night, I was with my grandparents, and I was reading Night Sky with Exit Wounds for class tomorrow. I was surprised–well, that might not be the right word, but in any case, I was having a lot of intense feelings about the poetry we were reading. At one point, I put the book down and began discussing the class and the book with my grandparents. My grandfather left the service a few months before the Vietnam war began, so he was very close to having gone to the war. He expressed his irritation over how American soldiers were treated in the U.S. about the war. We both agreed, however, that it was those in power that were the issue. I told them about the Vietnamese side of things, which they both knew little about. It was a tough conversation, but one I was glad that we had.

Has anyone else had any similar conversations with family or friends?


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