Claudia Morales (LCSW) recently put out a post with the caption “how does it feel to be in your body?” The question and corresponding images really reminded me of the ongoing discussion around the body/senses/placement within the world. So, I figured I would post the pictures and ask how they make everybody feel/how it makes them feel in considering the descriptions we’ve seen in our readings. I know that the idea of space between the mind and body really hit me, and that the idea of the body as a simultaneously lifeless vessel and a personified entity forcing us all to face our realities really brought me back to the girl’s panic attack in The Gangster We Are All Looking For among other things.

image with red background and gray lettering. caption reads "embodiment (n.) a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling."
red background with gray and yellow text. caption reads "we are all living in our bodies. this feels incredibly different for everyone. it is of course, a lot easier to live in certain bodies more than others. but our own bodies are our only real home. the only space we can truly cultivate untouchable serenity in. you have the power to manifest and cultivate infinite access to healing ideas, qualities, and feelings in and of your vessel. when we practice finding stillness and truly sitting with ourselves, we can begin to really see ourselves, with love, with compassion, with the knowledge that we are our own best healers."
red background with gray and yellow text. caption reads "embracing stillness can be frightening. it is in those moments where deeper levels of anxiety, fear, or shame can begin to show themselves in very raw, very real, forms. but when we surrender into the stillness, and whatever it brings, we cultivate awareness. awareness allows you to address the root of a problem. when we can identify underlying patterns and internalized beliefs that are self-harming, we can begin to offer ourselves healing. to slowly, day by day, moment by moment, breath by breath, fin a deep, deep sense of joy and contentment, in our bodies and our minds and the space in between."

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