Although this isn’t a fully-formed thought, I still wanted to comment on Fokir and his relationship with nature. Whether or not what happened to him is a symbol, I still think the quote, “Where else could you belong, except in the place you refused to leave”(211), is very fitting given both his character and his outcome. I think that Piya naming her research after him was a great way to memorialize his relationship with nature, and how he felt most himself when he was fishing and traveling in his boat. The only thing I have mixed feelings about is that the other characters in the story (Besides Piya) didn’t really see Fokir’s worth until after he died. Although I think it’s almost fitting for him to have died during a natural disaster, I don’t agree that his life is more valuable because of how he helped Piya. I personally think that’s one of the messages the book had. I could be wrong, and I’d love to hear what other people have to say about it!

Fokir 🙁

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