I thought I’d draw from your participation cards yesterday a few of the topics or issues that haven’t really gotten much or any discussion at all. Feel free to respond to them in the comments or to start new posts:

  • disability, especially Brave Orchid’s attitude to it/interactions with it (the terminally ill, mental illness)
  • Moon Orchid’s husband: was he doing the “right” thing given his situation or what we know of the first marriage? Should he have told MO or his second wife? Should he feel guilty?
  • Brave Orchid’s husband (Maxine’s father): how do we understand his presence in the house and the family, his role in the book?
  • the pitting of woman vs. woman in the plot to reclaim MO’s marriage; the policy of marrying multiple wives (why do this if women are seen as so undesirable?)
  • narrative pov: free indirect discourse (third person limited to BO)
  • weakness vs. strength in relation to women of prior chapters
It’s in the cards

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