So this doesn’t really have anything to do with Asian American Literature but I have a movie recommendation if anyone is interested.

The film is an indie Mexican-American drama that came out in 2007 called “La misma luna”, which translates to “the same moon.” The title it was released under in the US is “Under the Same Moon.” It is honestly one of my favorite movies and I think everyone might really enjoy it.

It stars Kate del Castillo and Eugenio Derbez both of whom have started to grow in popularity in the US in recent years. This is the description from IMDb: “A young Mexican boy illegally travels to the U.S. to find his mother (who is illegally in the U.S.) after his grandmother passes away.”

I meant to post about this movie when we first started talking about the “same moon” quote but I totally forgot until today! The boy’s story reminded me a lot of Carlitos ‘s in the movie, especially in the discussion of separation from parents when you’re young. It makes me cry every time I watch it so I definitely recommend and believe it is worth a watch!

La Misma Luna

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