So I know literally nothing about plane’s and even with a simple 12 year old’s explanation of the plane I was like, “Yeah I’m still gonna need to look this up to visualize.” And so here it is.

Something interesting though is that I feel like something about the fact that this plane is brightly colored and, honestly, (in my opinion) quite cute has some significance when this image is paired with the line “The colors of Dad’s model P-26A are nothing like the real thing” (13). I am not quite sure the significance, maybe something along the lines of taking something “cute” and making it masculine as a metaphor for Donald Duk himself? I don’t know I just find it intriguing and thought I would mention it!


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  • September 10, 2019 at 8:42 am

    Donald Duk’s dad painted his planes to reference the 108, so perhaps that’s why his planes are not painted like the real ones?

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