1. The American Cong only really appears twice in the story—once at the beginning and once at the end when Donald Duk decides to give the police his alibi.  What is the American Cong’s purpose in the story?  Is it significant that the American Cong shows up both before and after Donald Duk’s opinion of his culture change?  
  2. While the very last sentence of the book references the Mandate of Heaven, food is listed afterwards, which makes it seem more important.  Why is food, which was associated with Donald Duk’s father, used to close Donald Duk’s story?
  3. Although there are times when Arnold annoys Donald Duk, he is portrayed positively.  Are the readers supposed to like Arnold or identify with him?  What is Arnold’s function in the story considering he is the prominent white character?  What is the purpose behind Arnold sharing Donald Duk’s dreams?
Sarah S’s Reading Questions for September 11 (Chin 86-172)

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