So far I am really liking the book “When the Emperor was Divine” because not only is it an easier read, but it’s also really interesting and I like how there are different narrators narrating each chapter. Something that has stuck out to me was that none of the main characters in the family have been given names. It’s simply “the boy,” “the girl,” “her brother,” etc. One thought that I had was that perhaps Otsuka decided not to give them specific names because this family is supposed to be symbolic/representative of all families that were forced into internment camps? As in their experience isn’t just that of this family but also countless others.

Significance of No Names

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  • September 30, 2019 at 8:20 am

    Hi Katia!
    I also thought that lack of names was interesting especially since the soldiers and store owners had specific names. My initial thought was that Japanese Americans are portrayed as not important enough in the eyes of the society to give them a name while the soldiers and store owners (I picture as white people) are.

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