Provisional Course Schedule

All reading should be completed before class time on the day it is assigned. Pdf files are available on Canvas–>Files–>Readings; you should have a digital or printed copy of those works in class on days they are assigned.

Week 1

M Aug 26                     Introductions

W Aug 28                    PDF Essay: Wing Sue et al, “Racial Microaggressions and the Asian American Experience.” A Grossly Reductive Lecture by mns. Add yourself as a user to the blog!

F Aug 30                      PDF Essays: Said, excerpt from Orientalism; Okihiro, “When and Where I Enter”

By midnight on August 30:

Week 2

M Sept 2                     Labor Day—no class

W Sept 4                     Watanna, A Japanese Nightingale 85-124 (pdf)

F Sept 6                       Watanna 125-171 and “Chinese Exclusion Act” (pdf)

Week 3

M Sept 9                      Chin, Donald Duk 1-85

W Sept 11                   Chin 86-172; RMP 1

F Sept 13                     Kingston, The Woman Warrior 1-53 (“No Name Woman” and “White Tigers”); RMP 2

Week 4

M Sept 16                    Kingston 55-109 (“Shaman”)  Last call for Watanna Essays midnight tonight

W Sept 18                   Kingston 111-160 (“At the Western Palace”)

F Sept 20                     Kingston 161-209 (“A Song for the Barbarian Reed Pipe”)  Last call for Chin Essays midnight tonight

Week 5

M Sept 23                    Okada, No-No Boy XXIII-93 (Preface + chapters 1-4)

W Sept 25                   Okada 94-167 (chapters 5-8) and “How to Tell Japs from the Chinese” (pdf); RMP 3

F Sept 27                     Okada 168-221 (chapters 9-11)

Week 6

M Sept 30                  Otsuka, When the Emperor was Divine 1-48; RMP 4   

W Oct 2                      Otsuka 49-105 Last call for Kingston Essays midnight tonight

F Oct 4                        Otsuka 106-144 and “Japanese American Creed” (pdf)

Week 7

M Oct 7                       Choi 1-34 (“Glossary of Terms” and “Turing Test_Empathetic Response”)  Last call for Okada Essays midnight tonight

W Oct 9                      Choi 37- 65 (“Turing Test_Boundaries” and “Turing Test _ Problem Solving”); RMP 5

F Oct 11                      Choi 69-89 (“Turing Test_Love” and “Turing Test_Weight”)

Week 8

M Oct 14                    Fall Break   Last call for Otsuka Essays midnight tonight; everyone MUST have ONE essay submitted by this point

W Oct 16                    Yoon, Once the Shore 3-56

F Oct 18                      Yoon 57-111

Week 9

M Oct 21                    REVISED: Class visit from Professor Renee Romano

W Oct 23                     Yoon 199-266 (focus story: “And We Will Be Here”); recommended: “The Woodcarver’s Daughter” (113-157) Last call for Choi Essays midnight tonight

F Oct 25                      Hagedorn, Dogeaters 1-54

Asian Cultural Celebration

October 27-November 2


Keynote Performer, Prem Raja Mahat (Nepal)
Sunday 10/27, 4:00, Digital Auditorium, HCC

Visualizing Marginalized Histories of Women
in Contemporary Asian Art
Monday 10/28, 6:00, Digital Auditorium, HCC

Taste of Asia
Saturday 11/2, 4:00, Chandler Ballroom, UC

Week 10

M Oct 28                     Hagedorn 55-118; RMP 6

W Oct 30                    Hagedorn 119-187; RMP 7

F Nov 1                       Hagedorn 188-251   Last call for Yoon Essays midnight tonight

Week 11

M Nov 4                      Ghosh, The Hungry Tide 1-69; RMP 8 and 9

W Nov 6                      At NCHC Conference; class will not meet

F Nov 8                       At NCHC Conference; class will not meet

Week 12

M Nov 11                    Ghosh 69-209

W Nov 13                   Ghosh 209-273    Last call for Hagedorn Essays midnight tonight

F Nov 15                     Ghosh 273-329

Week 13

M Nov 18                    , The Gangster We Are All Looking For 3-35 (“suh-top!”) and archival documents on the Fall of Saigon and Vietnamese refugees (pdf); RMP 10

W Nov 20                   36-99 (“palm” and “the gangster we are all looking for”); RMP 11

F Nov 22                     100-158 (“the bones of birds” and “nu’ó’c”); RMP 12


Week 14

M Nov 25                    Poems from Angel Island and the Japanese internment camps (pdf)

Tuesday, November 26: Last call for Ghosh Essays midnight tonight

W Nov 27                   Thanksgiving Break

F Nov 29                     Thanksgiving Break

Week 15

M Dec 2                      Vuong 3-51

W Dec 4                      Vuong 55-85

F Dec 6                        Vuong

Saturday December 7 at midnight: last call for lê or Vuong Essays midnight tonight; everyone MUST have TWO essays submitted by this point



Monday, December 9, 8:30-11:00 a.m.