Reading Soft Science right now and I am not sure if this is the intended reaction to this piece but its really making me think about humanity in ways that my mind doesn’t like to think about or question.

The part where she writes “tryptophan dopamine/ if you’re happy &/ you know it/ if you know it then/ what/ what then” that literally gave me chills because it has that touch of being such a scattered thought, or just like some crazy kind of babbling but also like makes sense somehow.

Its like I kind of don’t understand what she is saying but it kind of also makes a whole lot of sense and its really making me question everything about existence and humanity. And I don’t know if this is coming from the subject matter, the way its presented on the page, or what but I can’t wait to hear about other people’s reactions.

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Also a gif from Mr. Robot because this is how I feel and this text is also really reminding me of this show and the way the main character questions the human condition and it really makes me question my own existence.

Soft Science

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